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Hustadnes Fjordhytter lies on the fjord and you can fish from the piers, or rent a boat and go for fishing in the fjord.
You also can go for fishing Salmon in the river Bondalselva in Sæbø

Boat trips on the fjord

We recommend a boat trip on the fjord at fine weather and have a look at the beautiful alps.


Travelling in the mountains

Bilde av slogen_stenes_yrke_lekneset_saeboe_k[1]If you like to travel in the mountains, this is the place for you. For more information look at Ålesund og Sunnmøre Turistforening.

Bondalseidet ski centre

Bondalseidet Skisenter is 15 car minutes awy from Hustadnes Fjordhytter. Here you will find ski, and slalom tracks. .


If you are interested in hunting, there are possibilities in the nearby area.  You can bye the shooting right for deer in the hunting season. The hunting season is from the10th of September to the15th of November..