Hustadnes Fjordhytter is the place for tourists which like to go for fishing. Close to the cabin lie two fishing piers and we also have a boat harbour with 8 boats for rent.
The size of the boats are 14-18 feet and everyone has a motor from 5 – 30 hp.
Lifejackets are included in the price.
It is only the cabin guests who could rent boats.
Petrol is not in the price.

Prices for renting boats
                                              Price pr day    Price pr week

2 Boats14-15 fot5-10 hp
3 Boats16 fot 10-15 hp
1 Boat 17 fot 15 hp

Kr: 400,-          Kr: 1.300,-
Kr: 400,-          Kr: 1.500,-
Kr: 400,-          Kr: 1.500,-

1 Boat 18 fot 30 hp

Kr: 600,-          Kr: 2.500,-


Bilde av bondalselva_k[1]
The river Bondalselva is 1.3 km away from Hustadneset. Here you can fish salmon and. you can bye a fishing card in Sæbø.