Image of fischerboot_saeboebucht

Image of abend_sonnenlicht
Here you have a look over the fjord from Hustadneset

A view from Hustadnes at nightfall

Image of hustadneset_tannenImage of hustadneset_faehre_vom_berg
A view of Hustadneset from the waterside

A view from the mountains over Hustadneset and the fjord

Image of rote_huetteImage of aalesund_qm2_centrum

A lake in the Mountains near the town Stryn

The harbour of Ålesund and Quenn Mary 2

Image of faehre_hellesylt

Image of volda_faehre_berge

The ferry of the Geiranger fjord arriving at Hellesylt

The ferry arriving at the litle town of Volda

Image of blick_ins_kvistadalen_norwegerinImage of auslauf_bondalselva_hustadneset

The valley of Kvista (Kvistadalen) in springtime

A view from Sæbø at Hustadneset and the peek Slogan

Image of alle_haeuser_vom_wasserImage of haeuser_1_bis_4_am_fjord

A view of our cabins from the waterside

A view along the cabins and the fjord